Welcome to DGI-byens Hotel

As a guest at the DGI-byen Hotel in central Copenhagen, everything DGI-byen’s state-of-the-art complex has to offer lies just outside your room. Staying here satisfies every whim in terms of an active, cultural break, and experiences to remember. 

Breakfast, included in the price of your room, is served in an historic setting in our charming restaurant, Vestauranten. And an invigorating day can be drawn to a close in style at CPH Bowling & Lounge, on the lower ground floor of DGI-byen’s new conference centre, CPH Conference.

Light and bright stylish minimalism is the design vogue at the DGI-byen Hotel. Parking facilities are available at DGI-byen’s car park. Standard rates apply. 

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DGI-byen renovates its hotel

 We are hard at work renovating DGI-byen’s hotel from top to bottom. 

We are staying open throughout the renovation period, but the hotel’s reception area will be cut off from October 8th until June 2019. During this period, the receptionists will be ready to welcome you in the foyer of DGI-byen’s Restaurant, which lies diagonally opposite the hotel. Follow the signage in the area. 

We look forward to giving our guests the very best hotel experience in the centre of Copenhagen when we invite them in to a new, urban look with environmentally optimized flexibility and care for the details in Danish design. Children can enjoy family rooms with bunk beds and romp in DGI-byen’s leisure areas. The business traveller will have new opportunities to work and to relax in the recreational zones of the spacious lobby. Everyone can enjoy design with loving care for the details, and take pleasure in a hotel that has the environment and hands-on hospitality in focus. 

The DGI-byen Hotel’s new, urban, Nordic look has been created in collaboration with the designers and archi-tects of the firm Spacon & X, who won the prestigious FRAME Award this year as EMERGING DESIGNER OF THE YEAR for their collaboration with the innovation lab Space 10 and who have most recently completed the furnishings of Danish Design Center’s new address in BLOX. 

DGI-byen emphasizes environmental factors, so the renovation will also lead to an improved indoor climate, new LED lighting and new ventilation and energy systems. DGI-byen’s partner in energy renova¬tion, SustainSolutions, anticipates an overall reduction of more than 100 tons of CO2 a year. 

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